Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Start it now!!

Assalamualaikum & Good morning...
I start my day with Teh Tarik and nasi goreng kampung from canteen. I should start to do my assignment before dateline on 19.12.2010. I got 3 assignments for my final semester..hooray!! For this 15th semester, I obtain 3’s subject i.e. Public sector accounting, Specialised financial accounting and Financial management 2.

Here is my assignments question…

Public sector accounting
Evaluate the budgeting/budgetary control and its implementation at a selected public sector organisation.

Me : The question is whether I can obtain their budgetary reports? Which Kementerian should I refer to? Hmmm..I will try figure out by this evening..,

Specialised financial accounting

Assess the accounting practices of general insurance companies in Malaysia on the aspects of methodology utilised in the treatment and measurement of Unearned Premium Reserve that reflects the actual liability at the balance sheet date, in compliance with FRS 202(2004).

Me: FRS is synonym with accounting subject..will try Uniasia for this assignment. I knows who can help me..hehehe..

Financial management 2.

Analyse the dividend policies as well as performance of firms listed on the Bursa Malaysia, based on the financial statements for years 2008 and 2009. Identify THREE sectors (excluding finance) and select FIVE firms from each sector for comparison purposes.

Me: Looks like I have to swallow financial reports of 5 listed company again. It will be a long…long…long night to you Lyzza…isk..isk..isk…

This is what I terrified most!!
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
Degree of Overlap Prescription
Less than 10% Accept
10 to 30% 20 % penalty
More than 30% Zero marks for assignment

What ever it is..Berusahalah!!!

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